The Struggle is Real

Changing your overall lifestyle towards making healthy choices is way more challenging when you’re in it alone. I do great with my food choices all day until I get home at night. I don’t know if it’s because my husband and son aren’t on the same path with me, if it’s I’m tired and my resolve waivers, or both, but I need a better game plan for my evening. 

I notice if I hit the gym after work, I’m more likely to be more mindful of what I’m putting into my body. (Oh, I do log everything I eat in an Fitness Pal app.) This past week was even more difficult because my husband’s birthday was Thursday; he started bringing home sweets on Tuesday. 

Then he requested his birthday dinner be bacon grilled cheese hamburgers. For those who don’t know, that’s bacon in grilled cheese sandwiches and those sandwiches are used in place of a bun for the hamburger. Of course I ate one, y’all! Ugh! It was so tasty but my body didn’t like it. Too much meat and too fatty. My belly has been gurgling for 2 days now! 

The point is, I have got to do better in the evenings. After I post this, I’m looking into healthier recipes and planning my meals for the week. More chicken and pork, less red meat. I also need to learn how to cook fish and I don’t mean fried. The South is cursed with all things fried, and I have a confession: this Southern gal prefers grilled or baked to fried any day of the week. Thank ya, Lord! That’s one obstacle I don’t have to overcome! Hahaha! 

At any rate, this week’s goals are to eat healthier evening meals, watch my portions, and find a local buddy to be my partner in this journey to healthy, fit, and strong. Time to make my menu for the week and hit the gym! Thanks for reading!


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